Saturday, 12 March 2011

Summer Essentials: Braids

There's something so girlish and elegant about braids. Whether they're intricately woven over your crown, or trailing down your back like a scorpion tail, they are deceptively simple, and beautiful. 
There are just so many ways to braid your hair. I am overwhelmed by the amount of different techniques out there! 

The easiest one to do is a straight forward, thick braid made from just separating your hair into thirds, and going from there. Keep braiding until you reach the last inch of hair, and secure with a small, see-through elastic. As for the top of your head -  the messier, the better.

Wrap two (or more) braids round your head, and pin them in place, creating a kind of wreath. Flower crown optional, but highly recommended for full effect.

Or, you could go all 'Pippi Longstocking', and have a neat pair of plaits swinging down from your ears. Accessorise with, ahem, long stockings.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, you could always to interpret the 'Princess Leia'. Slight variation: make them a little higher up, like Mickey Mouse ears, à la Bjork.

Or, feed some pipe cleaners through them and just go nuts.

Sources for pictures can be found here.

There are so many tutorials for braids on youtube, I highly recommend you check them out! Happy braiding!


Libby, Vintage Aplomb said...

This is lovely! I can't wait for the day my hair is long enough to be braided!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i just adore all of these images of braids!

<3 steffy

Victoria said...

love it , always beautiful and so simple to do=)

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

times liek these I wish i had long hair.

Helen, X

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