Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Outfit Staples

Right now, there are a few accessories that I cannot be without.

I have this fake-o long "pearl" necklace that was left behind in my boyfriend's flat. Goodness knows why, I think one of them was cross-dressing for a party or something. Never mind! I have claimed them for my own now, and we are inseparable.

Kind of wanting to start a collection of old school/university scarves. I got this one from Armstrongs Vintage in Edinburgh, it's big and wooly and not overly thick. I am quite enamoured with the idea of creating my own "school uniform", a la Blair Waldorf, I think I always have been. Next on the list: school ties.

I bought MAC's liquid liner a week or so ago. It is my favourite, as it has absolutely ridiculous staying power, and I am notorious for forgetting I have makeup on and rubbing/touching/whatever my eyes. Plus, it is the blackest of black. I would wear it eternally if it weren't for the fact that my skin needs a breather every so often. On my way to perfecting the feline flick at the corners.

What are your top three style staples?

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Style Direction, Part 1

image from thank you, ok

These days I am finding it harder and harder to piece together a cohesive ensemble. I have certain items that are so easily married, and others that repel each other like opposing magnets. I feel that my outfits are lacking in that certain something. I've begun to realise, through the mess of impulse buys and old favourites, that the "certain something" is me. Even more difficult than the putting together of an outfit is the cultivation of a cohesive style.

I feel that blogs can be tricksy creatures. At one moment you feel overpowered with inspiration: oh my goodness! That coat! That bag! It surely is a must have! The next minute, I'm beginning to wonder whether it was the coat or bag I was seduced by, or simply that the blogger modelling these items is traipsing through Paris, on her way to a fashion show. It's such an old truth in fashion: sometimes, the only reason you want something, is to make you more like that certain someone who has it. Perhaps if I don a sheer shirt I'll suddenly have the legs of Rumi Neely? Maybe these sunglasses will give me the captivating features of Jane Aldrige? Of course, it's all nonsense. The only clothes that are really going to make us look fabulous are the clothes that suit us, and bring out our own best features, not the ones that hold false promises of transforming us into someone else.

With the creeping realisation that most of my clothes in my wardrobe didn't reflect me, I began to wonder: who is my inner stylist? Where the hell was she when I bought this!? What does she wear? How can I channel her at all times? I believe it's a rather difficult task to find your own fashion guru, but she is definitely there. She is whispering to you through your wardrobe, living in the fabric, and hiding in the magazine clippings underneath your bed.

As enamoured as I am with Fairisle sweaters, grandfather cardigans, swinging maxi skirts or even denim shorts, they just aren't me. I am neither a boho gyspy-princess, nor a minimalist coveter of structured avant-garde designer pieces. I am not a slave to Topshop, but neither do I insist on wearing vintage.

So, who am I?

images via pinterest

Fashion is very visual - and, like most people, I'm sure, I have a collection of images that inspire me. I looked through a selection and tried to pick out recurring themes. Here is what I found: nipped in waists; froofy skirts; leopard print accessories; massive knitted scarves; tartan skirts; bouffant, luxurious hair; long, knee- or thigh-high socks; black mary janes; glitter manicures; lace and tulle; layered chain necklaces; velvet blazers; embellished tights; nude lips; strong eyebrows. All in all: a magpie's fantasy.

The next step was to put these aesthetics in a big melting-pot and stir it all together, until a glorious style with great direction emerged. But if we're dealing in metaphors here (and man, as an English student, I love me some contrived metaphors), then the aesthetics are merely the sugar and chocolate chips of this sartorial cookie dough, and the main ingredients are the Style Icons (or are they just the eggs? I'm not entirely sure. Maybe the metaphors are overcomplicating things).

Metaphorical cookies aside, time and time again the stylish women of the world have reeled off their lists of iconic figures that inspire their looks: Kate, Audrey, Marilyn, Ashley and Mary-Kate, Alexa, Coco, Carrie... I can safely say that as stylish as these ladies are, I am not that... bothered (!) about them.

Talking about Style Icons reminds me of the question: "Who's your hero?" People will often answer with either "my mum" or "my dad" (my hero? I always used to answer this question with "Bob Marley", and one time I wrote a whole essay in primary school about how it was "the people who invented the Hubble Space Telescope" for some reason...), but the truth is that you can never look up to one single person - there are different aspects of different people that we admire. This is how I look at the "Style Icon". There are different people that serve different purposes. As I contemplate who my icons are, I like to think that they provide different layers of my look.

images via pinterest

I'm going to go for three different layers. A strong, beautiful base, encompassing underwear to make-up and hair, this is the real beauty that underlies every outfit. Think natural glamour, elegantly put-together, with an edge of bed-head and kohl. I think that good style icons for this layer are old-school Hollywood starlets, with their perfectly arched eyebrows and beautifully coiffed hair, exuding just the right amount of innocence and experience. Think Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Julie Christie... or if you want to go for a modern influence, possible icons include Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. The next layer up is the actual clothes, the influencing style that nudges you in the right direction, inspiring you and helping you choose what to wear and how to style it. Really, you could go for anyone/anything here... possible influences range from Daisy Lowe to David Bowie, Sherlock Holmes to Cher (!?), it's totally up to you. Finally, the last layer is the icing on the cake: accessories. Having completed the base of the look, it's time to decorate and embellish things - and do so lavishly. Consider: Catherine Baba and her stacks of cuffs encircling her wrists, her head wrapped up in a turban; Her Royal Majesty The Queen, with a pair of pastel gloves and matching hat, or, duh, rocking the crown jewels (I like to imagine that on rainy days she sticks on the crown and fist-pumps, sceptre in hand, to Beyoncé); Karl Lagerfeld, with his dangerously dark aviators and monochromatic tie, silver rings adorning his hands.

There are no real rules - as usual, I'm making things up as I go along but I like the idea of these layers, I think it helps clarify things a little. Of course, more layers could be added, if you wanted to dedicate your footwear exclusively to Lady Gaga, or your coats to Lara of Doctor Zhivago. For now, I'm sticking with three. And who are my top three icons for this upcoming season?

I'm keeping this for the next post! Please share your all-time favourite Style Icons - no matter who they are! Extra points for super-obscurity.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Greetings From Reykjavik!

Today is our last day in Iceland. It's been a helluva trip - nature, coming at me from every angle! Waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, you get the picture. Yesterday we moved from the countryside to the capital. Reykjavik has an amazing collection of shops, it's not like any other city centre. I have not spied a single franchise anywhere! There are so many independent shops and vintage stores, you are guaranteed to get an original here.
I swooped down on this pair of leopard-print booties with great enthusiasm. They are ridiculously comfortable and I plan on living in them as soon as I get back to Edinburgh.

Photos of rural Iceland to come!