Monday, 7 March 2011

Mad March

I could be all cliché and say, "Ooh, March! Where does the time go?", instead I'm just going to say thank goodness it's here!
After slaving away in the library for the past three days almost non-stop (two essays to hand in for the same day!!?!?) I am free, and ready to embrace spring wholeheartedly. It's super sunny here in Scotland, albeit a bit nippy here and there sometimes. But there's nothing like a few crocuses and daffodils to cheer you up, and lets face it: we all need it.

I kind of went all out today and decided the best way to celebrate this sunshine would be to wear socks and a dress and no coat. Kind of found myself the only one doing this in George Square today, though. All the other students are still wrapped up in black, black and more black!? I saw someone wearing gloves and a wooly hat today. Seriously?

Either I'm wrong in thinking of palm beaches and 'Club Tropicana drinks are freee....' or they're still in winter mode. Seems that at least one of us has caught the March Madness.


Anonymous said...


Fashionable and me♥ said...

Beautiful outfit and pictures!

Ria :) said...

such a beautiful outfit and i just loovee the photographs :)

Libby, Vintage Aplomb said...

Such a cute outfit! Perfect for this March weather...and you're right, thank goodness it's here!

nesha said...

wow... the first photograph is stunning! i love photos filled with sunshine :)

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