Monday, 14 March 2011

The Fall

This is an amazing film. It follows a young girl who is in hospital because of a broken arm. She meets and befriends a stunt man who is currently bed-ridden after a great fall off of a bridge. He tells her an amazing story involving bandits, explosive experts, swimming elephants, butterflies, beautiful women, vast deserts, majestic Eastern palaces, evil Spaniards... 
It is also an aesthetic masterpiece. The locations that this film was shot at include India, Brazil, Prague, Cambodia, Argentina, Thailand, Egypt, the list goes on. If there's ever a film that's going to get you itching for travel, it's this one.


cuteredbow said...

Really nice blog ! Thanks for this movie advice !

featherfactor said...

beautiful photos - the on location sets are all fantastic. Thank you for posting!

Nici said...

Seems to be an interesting film.
I'll watch it!
Nice blog :)

rebecca said...

Loved this film when I watched it :)

Anonymous said...

loving your blog!
keep the inspiration flowing, and i'll keep coming back!


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