Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Summary of Boston and New York

So, after two weeks on the Eastern Coast, I'm back! I had a tremendous time, saw and did lots of things, read a lot of books, ate a lot of food, spent a lot of money! Above you can watch the video for our five days in Boston, and belooow, you can check out what we got up to in NYC!

On this trip, I...

fell in love with iced tea - read 6 books - went to Boston Aquarium - stroked a sting ray - cruised around in a DUKW - watched 4 films at the movie theatre - ate amazing sushi - got caught in heavy New York rain - stood on top of the Rockefeller Centre - got lost in a Hasidic Jewish neighbourhood in Williamsburg - saw Bill Bailey live in a small comedy club for a mere $15 - read in Central Park - spent a lot of time on the subway - sunbathed and swam in the sea at Coney Island - saw dinosaur bones the Museum of Natural History - had a tiny burger that was deceptively filling - cooled off in so many different Starbucks cafes - queued for an hour to get tickets to see the musical Avenue Q - took three showers a day in Boston just to keep cool - sang praises when we discovered the New York hostel had air conditioning - burnt my feet while sunbathing and consequently had swollen red cankles for half the trip - had the best steak ever - had the worst Mexican meal ever - experienced Manhattanhenge - spent a lot of time in Union Square and Madison Square parks - spent even more time perusing the shelves at Barnes and Noble - visited Harvard and sat reading in the quad - walked the Charles River in Boston and longed for a boat - tried beef jerky, yeuch! - lusted after Pinkberry frozen yoghurt - sneakily caught up with Doctor Who episodes in the internet cafe - coped with my hair going frizz-tastic in the humid heat - wore holes in both pair of cheap flats I brought - got a very, very, very light tan!

Now that I'm back and it's officially summer for me, I've got a lot of time to dedicate to music and blogging, so I'm going to catch up on my guitar and songwriting as well as keep posting great content - watch this space!


Olivia said...

Sounds like a lovely trip! Boston and New York are two of my favorite cities. Did you happen to eat at Bartley's in Boston? I don't even like burgers, and I loved theirs.
Happy summer!!

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