Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Red Door

John... I'm only dancing!

Can't stop listening to David Bowie at the moment, especially his Young Americans album. 

The weather here has been crazy recently -  the wind is so strong the rain falls horizontally. Today it held off so I could go out and take some photos. 

This is my attempt at a fishtail braid. It's is a bit (ahem, very) messy, but I like it. Seriously, I have been trying for ages to figure out how to do it, everyone said it was so easy but every tutorial I looked at made it the most complicated thing. Turns out, it's dead simple.

The first few snowdrops are beginning to peek out of the ground -  I am so excited for the sun to start shining again! I am in the process of making exciting plans for summer already, it seems like everyone is fed up of this winter and is ready for some warmth. 

I leave you with Mr. Bowie, covering The Beatles:


A said...

I'm pretty sure fishtail braids are supposed to be messy, so you've done a good job!

WobiSobi said...


Becky-May said...

Beautiful pictures! You have a lovely blog :)

The Flower Girl


Isabella Kiss said...

ohhh David bowie. Ever seen the movie Labyrinth? really weird and from the 80's, but he plays a main character (a goblin king!) in it.
and good job on the fishtail. I can make them really nice on other people, but always fail on myself.

Olivia said...

Isabella: I LOVE Labyrinth! I saw it when I was young, so normally when I think of David Bowie I just think of him as the Goblin King, haha :)

Human Sparkler ♥ said...

you are so cute! i love that scarf!

Renee B. said...

You are so cute!! Love your blog, newest follower! :) xoxo

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