Thursday, 13 January 2011

Men Who Wear Coats

(Yes, there's been a little change to the layout recently. Bear with me!)

The skies of Edinburgh were grey today. I set off with my flatmate Ali of Voxsta Ventures in search of the well-dressed. Luckily, despite the dull weather people are still making an effort in their daily outfits!

Here were my findings:

I literally ran after this guy because of his backpack and trousers. Gentlemen, take heed: invest in a good pair of coloured chinos, because there is more to legs than jeans!

What can I say, I love these bags.

This gentleman knows how to put together an outfit: piecing together very simple, yet high quality items. And I love his frames.

What do these two have in common? A good, tailored winter coat-- the most important wardrobe investment! I would really like to see more guys wearing proper, well-fitting coats on George Square.

Hope you've all had productive days-- roll on Friday!


WobiSobi said...

Both of these guys look great.. love the backpack. and the oh so stylish satchel.

Anonymous said...


Olivia said...

Why can't all men dress properly?
The boys around me all think its ok to wear gym shorts in the middle of winter. Its a shame...
Great photos!

Bev said...

Oh yes, men in coats... yum.


As a guy - I completely agree. A good winter coat is an absolute wardrobe staple. I'm in awe of the backpack!

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